A timeless combination of Plymouth Gin Navy Strength and Rose’s lime cordial, this is a traditional cocktail passed down by sailors for centuries.

Glass type
Cocktail glass

Strong & citrus

Skill level


3 parts Plymouth Gin Navy Strength

1 part Rose's lime cordial

small Lime twist

To Mix

No.1 Pour both ingredients into a mixing glass

No.2 Fill mixing glass with cubed ice

No.3 Stir well to chill and dilute

No.4 (Taste before serving to ensure enough dilution, the alcohol should feel pleasant not aggressive)

No.5 Strain into a Cocktail glass

No.6 Add lime twist, ensuring that the lime oils are expelled across the surface of the drink

Even with a history shrouded in mystery, this cocktail is famous around the world.

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A Variation

The Re-invented

A tailor-made cordial makes sure this modern recipe works perfectly with the gin’s botanicals.

3 parts Plymouth Gin Navy Strength

1 part Homemade lime cordial

small lime twist

Make the drink with the same process as the classic

Stirred with ice and served straight up or on the rocks.

The Fresh

Somewhere between a Daiquiri, a Sour and a Ricky, a classic Gimlet it isn’t, but a very tasty option nonetheless.

2 parts Plymouth Gin Navy Strength

1 part fresh lime juice

0.5 part sugar

small lime twist

Shake hard with ice and serve straight up or on the rocks.

Cocktail Uses

Navy Strength

Plymouth Gin Navy Strength

For almost 200 years, Her Majesty’s Naval Fleet and Plymouth Navy Strength were inseparable, with no ship leaving port without a bottle on board.

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